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Back Hurts? Your Posture Is Killing Me!

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As I sit down to write this post, I'm immediately reminded of the crick in my neck, the discomfort in my wrists and of course the pain in my back—and it's not just your typical case of the Mondays—it's my bad work posture.

The majority of us who are working from home are probably doing so from the kitchen table, or some other creative melange of tables, chairs and makeshift risers—phonebooks have a use again!

As important to productivity as the decor and creature comforts of an office, so too are the physiological considerations. Here are some considerations while you're cozying up to your new diggs whether they're temporary or on a more permanent basis:

  • MONITOR: Adjust the distance and height.  It should be approx 18-24" away, the top should be at eye-level, and slightly tilted.

  • ARMS:  Keep your shoulders relaxed, forearms parallel to the floor, and a minimal bend at the wrist.

  • CHAIR:  Should have a backrest, arm rests, and adjustable features (such as heigh, backrest angle, etc.)

  • LEGS:  Keep thighs parallel to the floor.

  • FEET:  Keep Parallel to the floor, use a footrest if necessary.

In addition to posture while sitting, do not deny yourself those regular breaks every 25 minutes to stand up, stretch, and get the blood flowing.  While on the subject of breaks, make sure you're also being mindful of your meal breaks, snack breaks and bathroom breaks.  Our ancestors fought long and hard for these, and just because our office location has changed doesn't mean we should forgo them.  Keep a routine and build in time for these breaks to keep you mind and body refreshed.

Last, but definitely not least, here are some tips to make sure your office is an inviting space you want to spend a siginficant amount of time in:

  • Add in a few plants (possibly ones you've re-homed from your other office)

  • Pre-light your favorite candle 30 mins before you start your work day to help set the atmosphere.  I recommend using  a soy candle with lead-free wicks for the cleanest burn. Check out our Soy Journey Candles for long lasting, room-filling fragrances.

  • Hang some inspiring, meaningful art in your view.  Mixtiles is a great app that lets you upload direct from your phone and they'll send high-quality, framed prints to your door!
  •  Little things like custom mouse pads and mugs help personalize your space and make great gifts for a friend who might be going through this change as well!

Now it's about time I practice what I preach and start adjusting my desk and really start to embrace this working from home shtick. Be well, Be happy, and "Sit up straight!"

P.S.  How are you digging in to working from home?  Comment below and share on social: @lpboutiqueNY

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