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About us

Are you looking to spoil yourself rotten? Are you looking for a unique gift that won't land in the re-gift pile? Are you looking for custom invitations for a wedding, birthday, or other event? Are you looking for that something je ne sais quoi to take your event, your gift, or your business to the next level? Then congratulations, you're in the right place.

LPBoutique is the place to go if you're looking to celebrate the moment. Whether that moment is a life-changing event or 30 seconds of "you" time, we encourage you to celebrate it.

LPBoutique is brought to you by The Big Bang Theory.....

You know that popular American sitcom created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady? NOT THAT ONE. We're referring to the scientific theory of how the universe began, only replace that with LPBoutique and confetti...lots, and lots of confetti. After-all, you're here regarding that whole celebration bit, right? Seriously, here's our story..

Once Upon A Time...

There was a groovy chic called Bea who listened to jam bands, traveled with the Dead (after they were Grateful,) and peddled her wares to fellow nomads. She made jewelry, soaps, and most importantly, grilled cheese. Always a knack for making a buck, she was hip to the fact that even a nomad had to eat...eventually. And then she fell in love. Fast forward through the juicy details, (bummer, right?!) she got married, and through that experience, began to realize her true potential.

There was also a funky recent college grad called B, who was putting his newly earned graphic design degree to work. Barista by day, freelance designer by night, getting any exposure he could, often times burning the midnight oil to help not-for-profits amp up their website, newsletter or appeal. Falling in and out of love, mainly with Helvetica, he honed his craft and found his voice, and through that, began to realize his true potential.

Bea and B happened to BE cut from the same cloth, quite literally. Bethany "Bea" Olczak (nee Zimmerman) and Brent "B" Zimmerman were born and raised in Buffalo, NY, are brother and sister, best friends, and today, business partners.


Actually, it was an unspeakable event that occurred, forever changing the path of our two protagonists. However, when life hands you a page in your book that you don't want to read, what do you do? YOU TURN IT INTO CONFETTI! And that is what Brent and Bethany did. From that confetti came Lilypad Wedding & Events, WNY's premier wedding & event company and two-time winner of WeddingWire's The Couples' Choice Award,  and after five years of tremendous growth, the pair outgrew their original vision of a small boutique shop inside of their event planning and design studio.

BANG! BANG! GLITTER BOMB! LPBoutique is born!

This is where YOU come in, we've created LPBoutique for you, our precious Lilies, the hero(ine)s in our fairy tale.

LPBoutique is your one-stop, celebration shop! It's the only place you'll need to go for:

  • Our Pure and Simple line of handcrafted, hand-poured, vegan, SLS-Free bath & body products.
  • Handmade jewelry
  • Curated designer gifts, from the likes of Christopher Straub of Project Runway, all handpicked by us, for you
  • A line of grab & go notecards and stationery

We are now wholesaling our bath and body products to other boutiques, hotels, bed & breakfasts and resorts as well! To carry our products, contact us.

LPBoutique is committed to providing all of you with the same great products and services our local Lilies have been able to enjoy, via the www. We've even created custom packages and online invitations to make your next celebration, a signature one. 

Life is short, celebrate the moment!