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All-Natural Dead Sea Salt Bath Salts

All-Natural Dead Sea Salt Bath Salts

$ 12.00

Nourish and Soothe while you soak in our 50/50 blend of Israeli Dead Sea Salts, Epsom Salts, and therapeutic grade essential oils. We hand-blend our bath salts with a generous amount certified pure, therapeutic grade essential oils for their unique aromatic and therapeutic properties.  Choose from these selections:

RELAX & UNWIND:  Featuring pure, therapeutic grade Lavender essential oil which has shown to provide calming, anti-inflamatory properties effects to help relieve sore muscles.

CALM + BALANCE:  Enjoy the grounding and soothing properties of our signature blend of Sweet Orange, Lavender and Bergamot therapeutic grade essential oils.

UPLIFT & REFRESH:  Energize with this citrus forward bath salt.  We use 100% pure and therapeutic grade grapefruit essential oil.

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