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Balance & Tranquility Flower Garden

Balance & Tranquility Flower Garden

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Be Still. Meditate. Breathe.  Do these while planting and tending to your Tranquility Egg Carton Garden.  It comes complete with everything you need, even recipes to make your own oil infusions, teas, and a smudge stick to cleanse your mind and home (home office, too!)

The Egg Carton Garden includes:

•100% recycled fiber egg carton planter!
•6 packages of heirloom seeds
•Starter soil
•Wooden plant ID stakes
•Growing instructions

Seeds: Chamomile (calming), Holy Basil (reduces stress), Lavender (relaxing sleep), Peppermint (cooling & energizing), Wild Bergamot (soothing), Sage (memory & focus)

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