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Handmade Face Mask Lanyard

Handmade Face Mask Lanyard

$ 12.00 $ 30.00

These face mask lanyards are made right here in Buffalo, NY by our family! They will keep your mask close by and convenient during work or social gatherings.  We're happy to produce custom lanyards to showcase your own style, school, and team pride!  Just choose "Custom" and let us know what you'd like in the order notes.

Instead of folding up into your pocket or laying on the desk, the lanyard clips will keep your mask clean and available.

Available in a variety of designs: 

Beaded Stay Safe:  A colorful assortment of beads strung together for a one-of-a kind lanyard  with the words "Stay Safe" spelled out.  *Leave a note if you'd prefer to not have "Stay Safe" on your lanyard.

Beaded Buffalo Bills:  A patterned mix of blue, white, and red beads with "Buffalo Bills" spelled out.

Beaded Buffalo Sabres:  A patterned mix of blue, gold, and clear beads with "Buffalo Sabres" spelled out.

An artisan mix of colors knotted together.  Want a custom knotted lanyard, choose the "Custom" option and specify up to three color choices in the order notes.

Knotted Buffalo Sabres: 
Blue, white, yellow strings knotted together in the colors of the Buffalo Sabres.  Want to add "Buffalo Sabres", or create a special lanyard for your home team, choose "Custom" and provide details in the order notes.

Leather Lace:  
Simple, and classic.  This lanyard is produced with super-soft, split cowhide leather.

Williamsville North:  Inspired by the school colors of Williamsville North high school, this lanyard has "North" spelled out in between Green, Yellow, and gold beads.

Williamsville South:  Inspired by the school colors of Williamsville South high school, this lanyard has "South" spelled out in between blue, white and silver beads.

The Casey:  Inspired by the school colors of Casey middle school, this lanyard has "Casey" spelled out in between teal and white beads.

Custom:  We will make a custom lanyard for you.  Leave a note at checkout with what you're thinking and we will get back to you.

Please note: These are handmade items and may have slight variations. Bead shape/style may change, but colors will not.  Masks are not included.

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